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Types of 100 breeds and categories of cats

Types of 100 breeds and categories of cats
Types of 100 breeds and categories of cats

TYPES OF CATS                       Currently withinside the international there are extra than one hundred breeds and lessons of cats (under you'll discover precise and entire data approximately the kinds of cats, the maximum well-known of them, do now no longer omit them!). Get to understand them all!

قط شيرازي
persian cat
القط الفرعوني
pharaonic cat
قط سيامي
Siamese cat
قط ماين كون
Maine Coon cat
قط راغدول
ragdoll cat
قط البنغال
Bengal cat

cat pictures

Welcome to the world's best list of kittens pictures!

Breeding cats

All the information on how to take care of a cat. At you will find the best articles so you can learn how to take care of them and provide the best care. Diseases, ailments, care, food and much more. Their quality of life depends on you.

عمر القطط
cats age
العناية بالقطط الصغيرة
Small kitten care
كيفية تربية القطط
How to raise cats

information about cats

Cats are very thrilling pets which might be outstanding through their intelligence and an charisma of thriller that surrounds them. Each one has their personal personality, and even though they're now no longer as expressive as dogs, each person who has lived with them is aware of that they're unique creatures.

عمر القطط
How do you know the age of a cat?

عمر القطط بالنسبة للانسان
The age of cats in relation to humans

لماذا تعض القطط صاحبها
Why do cats bite their owner?

رضاعة القطط
How long do cats breastfeed?
قطتي تحبني
Signs that your cat loves you

معاقبة القطط
How to punish cats

cat hygiene

Your cat will want assist with grooming, nail clipping, and oral hygiene. If you supply them such care with kindness and patience, they'll set up a courting with you and make sure their well-being.

قص اظافر القطط
How to cut a cat's nails
تحميم القطط
Can you bathe cats?
القطط الماء
Why do cats not like water?

What you need to know before you adopt a kitten

Owning kittens can be one of the most enriching experiences of our lives. But, in order to be able to enjoy the company of a kitten, you must know some of its behaviors and nature, more specifically. Knowing this will help you know what they need and whether you take the responsibility that is involved. If you want to know more about this, click here.

أسماء قطط ذكور

cat names

Has a cat just arrived at your house? You have to think of an original and functional name. Observe him for a few days until you can choose a nickname that suits his personality, which doesn't have to be a common word in your vocabulary until the pet knows you mean it. One tip, the shorter your cat's name, the better.

اسماء قطط

Cat names. Kind, beautiful and innovative

اسماء القطط الذكور

Best male cat names and their meanings

أسماء قطط يابانية

Japanese cat names and their meanings


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